When Buffalo High School seniors Teaghen Sweckard, sister Addysen, and friends Seren Chapin, Shelbi Kovar and Georgia Wages first put up a poster advertising their all-girl coding club, they took a little ribbi... Read More

Women Gone Rogue

Frontier Women Make Their Own History The history of the West is peppered with stories and lore of brave men and soldiers who were dispatched to forts and outposts at the wild edges of Wyoming’s rugged terrain... Read More
People attending the Sheridan Christmas Stroll

Christmas Through the Ages

When you think of Christmas, what images flash through your mind?  A Norman Rockwell Santa?  A giant evergreen tree?  A mob of hungry citizens electing a “Lord of Misrule”? It turns out that Christmas didn’t ... Read More

Verge of Vanishing

In Chuck Hemard’s own words, he was chasing something that didn’t exist anymore. Like the rest of the old south, it had been choked out by hungry weeds, bricked over for expanding metropolises, and felled for ... Read More