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Music in Their Soles

Enormous silver hoop earrings flew as Sheridan College Dance Instructor Stephanie Koltiska leaped into the air with a twist before landing on her toes only to twist off again. “Here we go, 5,6,7,8...,"

The Art of Dining

Everyone has their own unique culture surrounding food and dining. As someone who grew up eating dinners in her room alone in front of the television (I was raised by a hardworking single mom), I have a lot of ... Read More

Living History

Historic TA Ranch Serves up Dose of Old West with Down-home Charm When Kirsten Giles and her parents first went to look at the historic TA Ranch north of Buffalo in the early 90s, they nearly fell through the ... Read More

Gothic Gardens

Looking to add a little drama and contrast to your flower beds in 2019? This spring, take some inspiration from the haute trendsetters of the Victorian period (remember, there's no such thing as a "new" trend),... Read More


When Buffalo High School seniors Teaghen Sweckard, sister Addysen, and friends Seren Chapin, Shelbi Kovar and Georgia Wages first put up a poster advertising their all-girl coding club, they took a little ribbi... Read More

Women Gone Rogue

Frontier Women Make Their Own History The history of the West is peppered with stories and lore of brave men and soldiers who were dispatched to forts and outposts at the wild edges of Wyoming’s rugged terrain... Read More