April/May 2019


4-H Roots

An Interview with Emily Swinyer Emily Swinyer leafs through a large binder of official log entries dating back to the early 1900s. Since taking over the role of Sheridan County 4-H extension educator last year... Read More

Fall Into Spring

The other day, when I was riding the elevator up to our office on the fourth floor of the Mill Inn, I was with a very perky, friendly lady who also worked in the building. She commented on the weather and what ... Read More

Grown With Heart

When you look at the rows of bright red geraniums, lush green herbs and colorful hanging baskets packed into the sprawling greenhouses at Landon’s Greenhouse & Nursery, it’s easy to forget that those plants... Read More

Gothic Gardens

Looking to add a little drama and contrast to your flower beds in 2019? This spring, take some inspiration from the haute trendsetters of the Victorian period (remember, there's no such thing as a "new" trend),... Read More