Hunting for Horns

What does a girl do who loves wild animals and the outdoors but doesn’t like to carry a gun? She hunts horns. And picks up trash. Sometimes she even creates a scavenger hunt for her younger brother and sister t... Read More

Into the Wild

Having grown up in Cincinnati, getting outdoors to us meant a quick walk around a decorative city park or playing in one of the man-made creeks running through our suburban neighborhood. Short of an annual “cam... Read More

Brave New World

I’ve officially become that old person who talks about how different things were when I was a kid. But they were. When I was a kid, we rode in the back of pickups, drank from the water hose, and if we wanted to... Read More

Family Tradition

The Sackett name has deep roots in the Big Horn community. In the late 1880s, John Henry Sackett toured the area during his stint as a hunter and guide for the Buffalo Bill Wild West show. He fell in love with ... Read More

Frequent Fliers

When they first built the trapeze rig in their backyard, Patty and Steven Tobi initially felt intimidated out there by themselves in the shadows of the Bighorns – then they started inviting others to join and t... Read More

Wild and Wooly

Northeastern Wyoming has a rich history when it comes to sheep and wool growers. More than a century ago, Basque sheepherders from Spain and France settled the region and created a thriving industry that still ... Read More

Living History

Historic TA Ranch Serves up Dose of Old West with Down-home Charm When Kirsten Giles and her parents first went to look at the historic TA Ranch north of Buffalo in the early 90s, they nearly fell through the ... Read More