Everyone has their own unique culture surrounding food and dining. As someone who grew up eating dinners in her room alone in front of the television (I was raised by a hardworking single mom), I have a lot of bad habits when it comes to eating that I’m constantly trying to reverse. For starters, I rarely join my workmates when they go out together for lunch, opting instead to eat at my desk as I work through it as if lunch was meant to be endured and not an opportunity to actually enjoy the food and the social experience and camaraderie. I’m just as bad at dinner, where meals are typically eaten on the arm of my sofa between newscasts. I know, it’s a problem, and as a desk/armchair diner, my goal is to expand my culinary horizons and learn to appreciate the art of food and dining in general.

  Luckily, this issue – and the vibrant culinary scene here in Sheridan – was the perfect impetus to lure me away from my desk with the goal of exploring the many dining options the town has to offer as well as taking the time to socialize and appreciate food while taking in the local culture, which turned out to be both incredibly tasty and a lot of fun.

From our five-stop burger tour to eating with fun-loving local seniors at The Hub, I was treated not just to great food but was also reminded of the unique flavor (no pun intended) that each restaurant, coffee shop or food truck has to offer and how much one’s passion for what they’re doing impacts the quality of both the food and dining experience.

A behind-the-scenes visit to Legerski’s Sausage Company offered further insight to long-standing family recipes and taking pride in one’s product as well as being at the heart of a community by sharing generations of knowledge and craft.

For this desk diner, I was reminded that meals are about much more than mere sustenance. It’s about enjoying the unique flavors, atmosphere, and care that goes into making the food as well as the importance of taking the time to savor it.

Now, I’m looking forward to getting out and exploring more and taking advantage of the excellent restaurants throughout the county, including the fresh produce and other goods grown and harvested by local farmers and vendors at Sheridan’s vibrant Farmers Markets.

Happy dining,

Jen C. Kocher

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