As the tour continued, we saw some things that we were asked not to photograph and Wilkerson introduced us to Weatherby’s Custom Shop Sales Manager Mike Glass, who let us hold and inspect a top-secret rifle model from a line that’s not on the market yet. “It drops in September,” Glass said, grinning ear to ear. To say “it” has some cool, new features would be the understatement of a lifetime. (We had to get approval to even say that much.)   

“It’s a pretty awesome change for Weatherby,” Glass said.

When asked about the corporate culture in their new state and their new space versus California, Wilkerson said, “We love it! Everyone loves it! We’re all excited to to be a part of the Weatherby story… and the hunting has its perks.” 

Weatherby’s move to Wyoming has brought over 70 jobs to Sheridan.

Since the Sheridan facility’s grand opening in June, which welcomed over 5,000 visitors and featured statements from Adam, Ed, the First Lady of Wyoming Jennie Gordon, Former Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, and Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller, among others, it looks like the company has only continued to grow and expand, further propelling its mission to fuel passion for hunters and shooters across the globe.

With floor space open, the facility has the capability to expand operations if needed.

“Our goal is to sell more guns and grow the Weatherby brand. We think Wyoming has put us in the perfect position to succeed,” Wilkerson said.    

For a first look at Weatherby’s new product line,
visit in September.

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