It was 1945 and the country was cock-a-hoop over its World War II victory when Jayhawker Roy Weatherby launched Weatherby’s Sporting Goods inside a 25’ x 70’ storefront in Paso Robles, California. What the space lacked in, well, space, Roy made up for with fast wit and passion.

A tinkerer by nature, with great attention to detail, he designed cartridges that would redefine industry standards and shape the speed and trajectory of some of today’s most popular and versatile cartridge offerings including his favorite — the 257 Weatherby Magnum.

As Roy’s firearms company grew, it relocated to a nearby, larger building. In its new location, Weatherby now housed gun shops, offices and a 100-yard underground rifle range in addition to the store. The Weatherby brand’s offerings grew, too, to include firearms for small game, not just trophy hunters, as well as waterfowlers and upland hunters, and even cutting-edge hunting optics.



“Over the last 73 years, we have learned exactly what performance and craftsmanship look like together.”

In 1983, Roy passed the reins to his son Ed. Under Ed’s leadership, Weatherby added semi-automatic and pump shotguns, accessories, cartridges and apparel to Weatherby’s lineup. The firearm manufacturing company his dad had built, that marries craftsmanship, performance and function, became a household name and iconic symbol of shooting sports and sportsmanship for both men and women alike. 

Today, nearly 75 years later, the family-owned business still makes rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Led by President and CEO Adam Weatherby, Ed’s son and Roy’s grandson, the company remains a mainstay for industry-leading performance products.

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff

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