at Weatherby’s New Digs

Recently, 82801 had the opportunity to look behind the curtain at Weatherby, Inc.’s new corporate headquarters two minutes north of downtown Sheridan, and the American gun manufacturing powerhouse did not disappoint.

Weatherby: Shooting for the Future

Weatherby, Inc. President and CEO Adam Weatherby announced in a Facebook live stream from the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas that the company his grandad built planned to move its Paso Robles and Central Coast, California, operations to Sheridan, Wyoming. A decision, he said, would mean new opportunities for growth.

“We are not interested in maintaining; we are growing.” — Adam Weatherby

Last month, we asked Marketing Director Kevin Wilkerson for a tour of the sprawling 75,000 square-foot Sheridan facility where Weatherby Inc. is now headquartered. He began the tour on the first floor, which features the company’s only area open to the public including the visitor center and product showroom. The ground floor also houses Weatherby’s engineering, research and development, purchasing and HR departments, which require signed non-disclosure agreements, limited photography clearance, mandatory eye protection for approved personnel and keycard access at multiple checkpoints.

Adam remembers his grandad as a revolutionary with a kind a heart. “He helped high-speed cartridges gain footing in the firearms industry,” he said.

He showed us the ropes, introducing us to friendly but badass, tactical-looking employees along the way. He pointed out a gunsmithing area where custom orders and warrantee work are accomplished. Walked us past the “Mark V Cell,” where a bearded man in desert tan cargo pants and a Duck Commander T-shirt looked up and nodded before returning to work on a Mark V Arroyo .308 Winchester.   

The tour continued toward an enclosed glass room Wilkerson called the Cerakote Booth. “We have doubled our capacity for cerakoting coating in this facility,” he beamed. Cerakote is the world leader in thin ceramic coating technology for performance firearms and other applications, we learned. Weatherby has been using the tough-as-nails Cerakote finish to add weather and corrosion resistance to barreled actions, and other parts and pieces, since first introduced on the Mark V Weathermark.   

“Over here we have an entire area for quality control,” he said. “We QC all our rifles.”

Underground R&D

The new facility boasts a 100- and 300-yard rifle range, which serves multiple purposes in cartridge development, warrantee work, and certification of custom rifles. Many security features enable safe use of the ranges during regular use and in times of required maintenance.

Engineers are mostly the ones utilizing the ranges for prototyping and product testing. Our next stop would reveal secrets to come.

By: Stephanie L. Scarcliff
Photos: Taylor A. Helton

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