Having grown up in Cincinnati, getting outdoors to us meant a quick walk around a decorative city park or playing in one of the man-made creeks running through our suburban neighborhood. Short of an annual “camping trip” that typically involved either a houseboat or an RV, getting out into the woods, let alone hunting, just wasn’t on my radar.

When I moved West – first to Colorado, then Oregon, Montana, and finally, Wyoming – my eyes were opened and I felt cheated when I found out what was out there. Now, just a glimpse of the Bighorns is restorative, and I can safely say how blessed we all are to live in such a beautiful corner of the world, where hunting, hiking, biking and skiing is easily accessible just outside our door.

When putting together this year’s hunting issue, I was reminded the vital role that hunting plays both for locals as well as out-of-state tourists who, like me, come from cities where such opportunities are not available and who truly appreciate getting outdoors. Whether you’re a hunter, a birder, or just someone who appreciates taking a hike or horseback ride in the mountains, these stories about a teenage horn hunter and a wildlife manager who works hard to stock pheasants for hunters shed light on a culture that celebrates wildlife and stewardship.

We also get an inside, behind-the-scenes tour of Weatherby’s new facility and discover all that goes into making their specialized and iconic rifles, shotguns and ammunition.

Whether you are hunting for wild game, horns or just a way to relax the mind and spirit and convene with nature, there’s no better place than Sheridan County to get your healthy fix of outdoor adventure.

As always, thanks for reading and we invite your story ideas and suggestions.

By: Jen C. Kocher

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