I’ve officially become that old person who talks about how different things were when I was a kid. But they were. When I was a kid, we rode in the back of pickups, drank from the water hose, and if we wanted to communicate with a friend who had moved, we wrote them a letter. Our photos ended up in albums – shared or not shared – with friends at home. We could blame bad behavior on rumors, none of which was filmed by 30 of our closest friends, and wouldn’t have dreamed of taking a photo of ourselves, let alone share it with a bunch of strangers.

It’s a different world, with different issues, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of good parents and quality family time.

And though the challenges parents are facing are no doubt more complex than in recent decades, so too are the solutions and the various ways that parents have evolved to tackle the problems and help to inspire the next generation of educators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Out here, we’re blessed with a lot of open space and outdoor recreation right in our backyard. We’re equally blessed with a community that takes care of one’s own with great schools and lots of community groups and leaders – like Joey Puettman of Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation – whose story you can read on page 7.

We also have quality young adult and child psychologists who help set the tone on keeping our kids healthy and safe, with good advice on things like screen time.

Then there’s the inventive dads like Sheridan-native Brian Deurloo, whose Gutter Bin prototype was inspired by his daughter Viviana to clean up the streets – including Sheridan – out of love and protection and leaving the world cleaner.

Enjoy the stories, and as always, we invite your thoughts and comments.

By: Jen C. Kocher

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