Risking everything, braving the unknown and leaving home for a better life is what the West was founded on. And in many ways, still is.

From the homesteaders, who literally loaded their lives into a wagon for the promise of a 320-parcel of land, to the miners, oil roustabouts and cowboys who headed out looking to live a dream.

But the West is more than just geography; it’s a culture based on values, pride in place, family and communities, and an appreciation for the hard-working ranchers and agricultural industry that form the backbone of this great state. And most of all, it’s about taking risks and reinventing yourself as you search out new horizons.

In this issue, we take the time to highlight some of the stories that encapsulate this spirit. From the doctor, who learned to soar outside her dreams by bringing the circus to her yard, the couple who moved back home to Wyoming after a life sailing around the world to open a market in the spirit of their ancestors who helped found the town of Big Horn, to the woman who turned a hobby into the biggest wool mill in the West.

We hope you find these stories as inspiring as we do and invite you to sit back, do a little reading and dream big.

By: Jen C. Kocher

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