Recently, I interviewed two filmmakers from New York City and San Francisco, respectively, who were in Wyoming working on a documentary about ranching communities. They flew into Cheyenne, and once on the tarmac, described how amazed they were at the wide, open skies and how suddenly relaxed they felt as the stress of their busy lives suddenly drained out. They felt like they could breathe for the first time in years and let down their guard when talking to strangers, who greeted them kindly with curious interest.

As a former city dweller, who has been living in Wyoming for nearly a decade and can’t imagine ever calling anywhere else “home”, I can relate to the decompression they felt as they lost themselves on Wyoming’s empty highways surrounded by beauty, mountains and high-desert prairies, where dreams, history and adventure still feels alive.

It’s this spirit of adventure that we are trying to capture with this summer issue. By celebrating the outdoors and a world of adventure, from Johann Nield’s love of soaring with the eagles as he hang glides over the mountains from his home in Dayton or Earl Madsen and family, who left their busy, city lives in Denver, to return home to Wyoming to restore and open the TA Guest Ranch outside Buffalo.

Whether it is hiking or climbing in the Bighorns to building a custom home or teeing up for a round of golf at the Powder Horn Golf Course, this issue is dedicated to getting outdoors and having some fun, decompressing and enjoying the beauty and adventure that is distinctly Wyoming.

We’re looking forward to getting out and having some fun this summer and we hope you find these stories as inspiring as we do.

By: Jen C. Kocher

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