Looking to add a little drama and contrast to your flower beds in 2019? This spring, take some inspiration from the haute trendsetters of the Victorian period (remember, there’s no such thing as a “new” trend), and create a unique and stunning outdoor space with beautiful, “black,” dark-red, deep-purple flowers and foliage. In addition to these dark and mysterious beauties, you can extend the dramatic theme with thoughtfully chosen garden decor elements. Stone pathways, wrought iron gates or benches, bird baths and fountains create a solid sense of space, while whimsical garden sculptures in the likeness of fairies, dragons and gargoyles add an air of magic and mystery. Check out our recommendations to add a gothic touch to your existing garden, or create a new, unique outdoor sanctuary to enjoy this summer.



Black Star

Calla Lily

A deep purple bloom with a spathe that is almost black. Perfect for planting your garden border.



Stone Bird Bath

26.5 in. H Cast Stone Rose Aged Charcoal Finish Birdbath




Black Velvet


This dramatic, deep purple, “almost black” darling brings depth + texture to any garden.


Queen of the Night


A stunning heirloom bulb sure to add drama with deep, velvety maroon hue.



Gothic Gate


Roxbury Garden Perimeter Aluminum Garden Fence Gate




Black Delight


Velvety black flowers with an intense yellow eye, these little beauties are prized for their winter hardiness and pair well with spring bulbs.



Black Watchman


Another knockout heirloom. 3 to 4 inch hibiscus-like bloooms with satiny petals in a deep dark maroon that shades to pure black.


Garden Guardian

Cast Stone Large Igor Gargoyle Garden Statue, Dark Walnut


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