Wyoming is full of classy women. Having lived on both coasts and several states in between, I can safely say there’s something different about women who choose to live on these wide-open plains. It starts with a friendliness that feels genuine, like when they ask you a question, they really want to hear the answer. And unlike some women who are fueled by aggressive competition, western women don’t see success as a fixed commodity, and instead, help other women grow and prosper.

Wyoming history is replete with stories about tough women who persevered, made names for themselves in a male-dominated landscape, nurtured families and shaped lives in an unformidable terrain.

In this issue, we are proud to feature some of these remarkable women, who in their own right are paving paths and forging lives in the spirit of those early pioneering women. On page 12, we meet Sheridan transplant Clara Leno, who at 102, is still sharp as a tack as she talks about early life on her family’s North Dakota homestead. Jordyn Bason reminds us of the importance of following your passion and driving hard to achieve what, at first, seems like a pipe dream, while five female Buffalo High School seniors show us that coding and STEM sciences aren’t only dominated by men, as they bring home national accolades for creating a Meals on Wheels app to help seniors.

In the spirit of all of the amazing Wyoming women, we invite you to sit back and celebrate their stories.

By: Jen C. Kocher

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