Just as quickly as an interior design trend surfaces and gains popularity, it is replaced by the next big thing.

If you’ve recently found yourself inspired by the mother of farmhouse-style, Joanna Gaines, and are now working on updating your circa 2005 Tuscan-style kitchen, perhaps swapping out travertine tile for shiplap, you’re already behind the curve, according to various design experts.

But are your farmhouse sink and sliding barn door dreams crushed forever? 

Take heart.

Good design, like fine art, is subjective. Sit down with six designers, and you’ll leave with six different opinions on trends and approaches to your space. Yes, “good design” is governed by a set of principles, but within those principles lies subjectivity in interpretation and execution. As a trained graphic designer and art-school grad, I could really “nerd out” on this, but let me spare you the jargon and get to the point.

What you like matters and has merit, especially in your home. In fact, legendary designer Billy Baldwin said it best.

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

I’m no Billy Baldwin, but my key piece of advice on trends from a design standpoint is there is such a thing as too much of a “good” thing, and it all comes down to execution.

Have your heart set on farmhouse chic despite the experts saying it’s on the outs? You get your “Fixer Upper” on and put up some shiplap, but maybe keep it to an accent wall or two and go easy on the hand-lettered barn signs.

And if you’re looking for some fresh ideas for your home in the 307, you’ve come to the right place. In this, the second edition of the home issue, “old” is cool again, as we take a closer look at a local, modern homestead with classic, quality features like hardwood trim, stone façade and elegant fixtures designed to look aged in “Modern Twist on the Old West” by Jen Kocher on page 8. We also chat with Army veteran-turned-artist Sandra Coleman about her 187-square-foot home/art studio on wheels in “Tiny House, Big Dreams” on page 11.

Considering putting your home on the market? Be sure to check out page 10 for “6 Tips on Staging a House” to get your home sold quickly for a minimal investment with maximum impact!

We’re so glad you picked up this issue, and hope you find the inspiration on the following pages to see new possibilities for your spaces by looking at your home with fresh eyes, and always, a full and happy heart.

By: Candice E. Schlautmann

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