Sheridan Inn employee Della Herbst says there isn’t a single employee of the Sheridan Inn who hasn’t had an interaction with Miss Kate.

Kate’s the sweet old woman who helps take care of the inn.  She loves roses, smokes cigars, and enjoys few scents more than “Evening in Paris” perfume.

She also died in 1968.

Jim Wilson, who helps to manage the inn, said he still doesn’t know whether there are ghosts or not, but he’s seen many pieces of convincing evidence.

“Too many things happened that I saw around other people that makes you wonder, ‘maybe she’s around,’” Wilson said.

For Wilson, Kate’s presence has worked its way into his daily routine.  Whenever Wilson enters the building at night, he says “Hi Kate, how are you?”  When he leaves, he says “Have a good evening, Kate.”

Just like any other relationship, Kate and Wilson aren’t always on the best terms.

“We went through this building and put in a fantastic fire alarm system,” Wilson said.  “There must be 200 alarms in this building that would detect smoke.  And every time at certain evening hours on certain days—not every day—the fire alarm would go off.”

The only alarm that ever went off accidentally hung outside of Kate’s room.

The fire department would arrive only to find an empty room, cooled by the moonlight.

The incident happened several times, costing Wilson $100 per every fire department visit.  Eventually, Wilson couldn’t take it anymore.  He went to Kate’s room and voiced his complaint.

“I said, ‘C’mon, Kate! Get a life!’” Wilson said.

Kate’s fire alarm never went off after that.

Many of Kate’s actions are subtle: moving silverware, turning on lights, plugging in a Christmas train— but she’s not afraid to make her presence known.

Linda Fauth, an employee at the inn, says she once saw a picture frame defy gravity at the inn—perhaps due to Kate.

“On the wall next to the stair were five pictures hanging,” Fauth said.  “Well, the one in the middle started swinging back and forth, and did not fall down the wall, which natural gravity does.  It came out from the wall and crashed on the floor.”

Kate isn’t bashful around newcomers, either.  A man who worked at the inn started his employment by proclaiming that ghosts weren’t real and that stories about Kate were just a load of nonsense.  Within a few weeks, he approached Herbst with something to say.

“He says, ‘Miss Kate taps me on the shoulder every morning when she comes in and whispers ‘good morning.’’” Herbst said, retelling the employee’s story.  “And he says, ‘When I turn around, there’s nobody there.’”

“I think she likes me,” the employee concluded.

Kate is known by the employees for her sweet nature.  Fauth arrived in Sheridan in 1967, which gave Fauth a year to know Kate before she died.

“I remember her as a sweet older woman, and you don’t get to be a sweet older woman without being a very sweet young person,” Fauth said.

She helped take care of the inn during her life and continues to care for it today, arranging silverware so it looks just right.

Because of her sweet and helpful personality, some of the Sheridan Inn staff don’t like calling Kate a “ghost.” 

“The third graders, when I take them on tour, they would want to know ‘ghost stories’ about Miss Kate,” Fauth said.  “And I would say, ‘Ghosts are for the movies.  Miss Kate was a spirit, and she’s a wonderful spirit, and she looks out after the inn today.”

By: TJ Parks for 82801

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